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It has worked for millions… it can work for you!


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Community Awareness through local professional pharmacies is our business!  We can help you brand your company name, gain exposure to your new business or even promote a special that you are running for your business through your local pharmacy.


Why Our Program Works:

  • People trust their pharmacist

  • USA Today/CNN/Gallup Poll shows that pharmacists are the most trusted and respected professionals in business today.

  • Pharmacists handing your name to their customers creates added credibility to your business, enhancing the probability of you being chosen over other business professionals in your field when your speciality is needed.

  • You are exclusive. Only one business within each respective profession is allowed to participate. This exclusively familiarizes your potential customers with your name only and increases the effectiveness of your other media.

  • Person to person distribution.

  • An average pharmacy fills 700 prescriptions per week

  • Our distributors are reputable and established

  • Prescription bags are put directly into the hands of healthcare customers everyday. Repetition Builds Awareness 70% of pharmacy customers refill their prescription every 30 days. Your name will be seen over and over, month after month.

  • Proven Results 75% of our customer base are repeat customers. They ask to be featured again and again obviously because of the effectiveness of our program. Their success ensures our success.

  • Supplement your yellow pages ads.

  • Your customers will choose you over your peers due to the fact they saw your listing on the pharmacy bag. This is called name recognition, and it works!

  • Eye-catching promotional spots.

  • All ads are expertly handled by our graphic designers. These come in spot colors, available in different sizes.